Thursday, 16 April 2015

Is Fluorine Good or Bad ?

Do you ever wonder, the one ingredient in your toothpaste that prevent tooth cavity and gives it that shine, well fluorine is that one ingredient and it can be found on water, soil and in our food 7, 8. Fluorine in ionic state, fluoride, in water is called fluoridation and it is a major controversies in Calgary 1. The reasons for that is because, fluoride is very toxic to human health and it has it benefits as well. The toxic health risk are dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, deformation of red blood cell, effect of the reproductive system, effect of immune system and carcinogenic 4,5. Debate concerning fluoridation took place in the year 2013; Dr. Dickson is against fluoridation and he mentioned that fluoride is a toxic chemical which should not be put in water 1. On the other hand, Dr. Tomkins is for fluoridation and she mentioned that it is safe and prevent tooth decay 1. Dr. Tomkins is also concern about dental expenses for the poor, children and elderly if there be a removal of fluoride in water 1. With the daily intake of fluorine in our food, water, tooth paste, mouth wash and rinse, the body is susceptible to toxic effect because fluorine has 70- 90% absorption in gastrointestinal tracts in the form of an ion 4. Fluoride absorption concentration can be reduced by the increase stomach PH and the increase concentration of calcium, magnesium and aluminum; this is because it forms an insoluble complex of fluoride 4. There are alternative for fluoridated toothpaste such as hydrogen peroxide, herbal tooth power, baking soda, sea salt, tooth soap and even dry brushing 9. Alternatives for fluoridated drinking water is to just remove the fluoride from the water 3.
So now you know the toxic health effect and benefit of fluorine in our tooth paste and water, what is your opinion and would you still use the fluoridated toothpaste?

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